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Original Biltong – 2 x 250g


About The Product

Original Beef Biltong. Awarded multiple stars by The Guild of Fine Food in the 2020 Great Taste Awards. Made with premium cuts of silverside grass fed beef that has been responsibly sourced from certified British and Irish farms. Marinated in a blend of specially selected spices with high notes of Coriander, Rock Salt and Black Pepper. An amazingly tasty ready to eat snack that is bursting with protein and low in carbs and sugar. Raging Bull Biltong is MSG and nitrates free and our Original Beef Biltong is also gluten free. Biltong Without Compromise!

From the judges at The Guild of Fine Food“Lovely looking thin strips of well handled and cured biltong. The meat was clearly left pink in the original cure before slicing and further drying. The spicing is a classic and rarely needs much tinkering with. Such is the case here. The chew and eventual melt is good and doesn’t leave any inedible residue. The cure and the seasoning is deft and balanced. An object lesson in less is more. Dark luscious looking pieces of biltong with good beefy aroma. Its soft chewy texture melts in the mouth to release savoury umami flavour, with the seasoning working in harmony to enhance the wonderful beefy notes. Very enjoyable, simple but produced with great finesse, so moreish the more you eat the more you want”.


What is the secret behind our award winning biltong? 25 years of crafting expertise here in the UK and our motto “Biltong Without Compromise” which is central to everything that we do. We take premium cuts of Silverside grass fed beef and marinate it in traditionally inspired recipes using only the highest quality natural ingredients. An unhurried and gentle dry curing process then ensures an incredibly tasty and tender ready to eat snack that is bursting in natural protein and low in carbs and sugar. Seriously convenient nutrition and a perfect partner for any of life’s adventures.


THE Biltong of choice for British Army Force Atlantic & ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION

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