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Traditional Droewors (Drywors) – 2 x 250g


About The Product

Original Droewors. Sometimes referred to as Drywors or Beef Sticks. Made with premium cuts of silverside grass fed beef that has been responsibly sourced from certified British and Irish farms. Marinated in a blend of specially selected spices with a hint of Nutmeg and Black Pepper. An amazingly tasty ready to eat snack that is bursting with protein and low in carbs and sugar.


In its simplest terms Droewors is a delicious dried thin sausage (think peperoni) crafted in much the same way as Biltong and has similar South African origins. While minced meats rather than full steaks are used to create them the drying process is very much the same as biltong. Raging Bull is the result of 25 years of Biltong and Droewors manufacturing knowledge and passion. Our Droewors is crafted with just a handful of all natural ingredients using recipes passed down through generations of our family. The result is an amazingly tasty, high protein, low carbs and sugar snack that you can eat straight from the packet. All of Raging Bull’s biltong and droewors is made from responsibly sourced premium cuts of silverside beef from certified UK and Irish farms. Biltong without compromise!



THE Biltong of choice for British Army Force Atlantic & ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION

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